Mallet's Story

“Mallet started like all great stories .. with a unique, creative idea expressed simply by putting pencil to paper! “ -Mallet Quotes

Mallet.Footwear's creative director Tommy, an avid trainer collector and urban fashion trendsetter, had an idea for a unique pair of trainers and was unable to innovate his idea from any stores' shelves. Not the type of person to give up on an idea, Tommy took matters into his own hands by literally putting pencil to paper.


As Tommy sketched his ideas he reached out to a close friend who worked in high-end footwear production and asked the simple question “how can my idea be made into reality?".

Recognizing Tommy's unique and creative design, Mallet's second partner Evren answered the question by using his production expertise and worked on a sample for Tommy.

Tommy and Evren collaborated on the design, production and put their creations online as a trial. The trial demonstrated their belief that their product was indeed unique and was further blown away by the reaction and feedback from potential customers.

Established in 2015 and within 24 months Mallet. Footwear is now retailing online in high-end stores across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Tommy and Evren have never forgotten that first rush of pride after seeing their unique, original, high-end footwear and they both strive to ensure that every customer feels their pride and the uniqueness in every pair of Mallet's.